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Application Development and Support

Application Development & Support

Quest Application Development and Support (ADS) creates new applications, that include a structured, full life cycle, complete solution framework and approach providing full support through delivery. Quest engagements are delivered using industry standard methodologies to ensure a consistent environment for seamless, predictable delivery, reducing your development costs through leveraged resources. Our method provides proven practices for solving the business, technology and organizational challenges faced by our clients.

Whether you are a new customer or a long time client, the most efficient way to work with evolving technology is with an experienced partner. Whether it is Web Applications, Enterprise Application Integration or providing Project Management support, Quest provides the help you need to reach peak performance and function smoothly, to gain the maximum return on your investment in technology.

Web Application Development
Quest can plan, design, build, test and implement web applications that can be fully integrated into your business process and system environment to ensure that information, people, systems and devices are connected seamlessly allowing for significantly reduced IT costs and a more responsive and effective organization. We are committed to a multi-vendor, open systems environment.

Enterprise Information Portal
Enterprise Information Portals leverage the web to enhance the velocity of processes and the visibility of information. Quest focuses on implementing secure, Web-based solutions that provide a single point of access to web-based information, applications and services that can help cut costs, drive new revenue, and help retain valued employees and customers.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
As the need to meet increasing customers, suppliers, employees, and business partner expectations for real-time information continues to rise, companies are forced to link their disparate systems to improve productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Improve the seamless sharing of knowledge, provide total information visibility and break down information silos. Quest1s rapid, scalable, cost-effective application development and integration solutions leverage today1s technologies to maximize return on your IT investment.

Project Management Office (PMO)
In today’s fast-paced digital economy, project delays can mean late-to-market products and services and possible loss of market share. In addition, the risk of project failure is increasing as today’s rapid technological advances place constraints on IT projects.

Make projects more profitable with Quest’s Project Management Office (PMO) that facilitates the successful planning, oversight and completion of complex projects. Our Project Management Office helps you manage your workforce resources more effectively; measure results more accurately, forecast costs and budgets precisely, and help mitigate your project risk.