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Quest Services

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Quest offers Strategy and Organizational Planning, Digital Business Planning, Performance Improvement and Information Technology consulting services. These Services are designed to help organizations reach their strategic goals and achieve new levels of productivity from their core assets and their business processes.

Strategy and Organizational Planning
Strategy has been defined as the road map of an organization, to identify opportunities, to discover new directions, to redefine boundaries. Strategy provides orientation for goal setting and comes down to vision, and specific, practical plans to bring a vision into reality. Strategy must also be achievable and measurable, and be linked to business plans and budgets.

The people of our Strategy Consulting practice work side by side with top management to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape. The result of this process is a plan and approach that can help the CEO ensure that the company’s strategy can be turned into actions and accountabilities.

Our strategic services include:

  • Strategic business & IT planning
  • Migration strategy.
  • Organizational strategies (human resources, IT, marketing)
  • Digital Business Planning

Performance Improvement
No organization has the luxury of standing still. Competing in the digital economy requires your organization to be flexible enough to identify and respond to market changes faster than your competitors. We believe that the ideal is to be in a constant state of performance improvement. Reduce the time it takes to serve clients, take costs out of operations, improve resource and asset utilization and build better business partners and end-customers through the entire value chain.

Performance Improvement helps your organization achieve its goals through the strategic alignment of people, processes, structure, and technology. Quest can help your organization determine the appropriate business models and related processes required to improve efficiency.

Whatever performance improvement you need, Quest can help organizational, logistics and infrastructure issues, improve processes and help you manage change.

Quest Performance Improvement services include:

  • Performance measures
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Impact assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data and process modeling.

Information Technology Consulting
Aligning business objectives with technology initiatives should enable you to achieve your strategic and operational goals in a cost-effective manner, allowing organizational efficiency.

Quest has the capability to help define your IT strategy. In addition, we help to plan the implementation, execute the solution and support new systems and to deal with emerging technology issues. Throughout the process we ensure the promised value of our implementation is achieved.

Digital Business Planning
The business world is realizing that the Internet model needs to account for greater profitability. Quest Digital Business Planning service can help organizations that are striving to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the digital economy by creating new and innovative business models.

Let the Digital Business Planning experts at Quest help you envision the way you can redesign your business for participation in the digital economy. Our services include business strategy, information technology strategy and alignment, as well as guidance for supply chain, change and customer relationship management.